About La Zenia Massage

We are based in the heart of La Zenia on beautiful Costa Blanca in quiet Sanctuary to rest and let go of the weight and worry of the world. While creating our massage treatments and special rituals, our primary objective was to achieve uniqueness and diversity. Thanks to the premium quality materials and the unique and different massage techniques, there are no two identical treatments on Massage&Beauty Linda Miller Salon offer. Depending on the type of the chosen treatment, we guarantee the feel of tight and velvety-smooth skin, the energizing effect of dynamic blood circulation, and the moments of stress-relieving relaxation. Our skilled colleagues are at your service to help you choose the most appropriate treatment so that your well-deserved days of rest will be as relaxing as a few weeks of holiday.

About La Zenia Massage

Linda Molnar

Professional Massage therapist and Exclusive Beauty Artist

I think the secret of a successful man is that he wakes up in the morning and goes to bed in the evening and between he is doing whatever he loves to do. My first goal is the experience of the FLOW which is a state of the mind when I’m completely immersed in what I am doing in that very moment, fills me up with energy, relaxes me completely and I’m 100% present in my activity. As well this experience gives me a good mood and I enjoy my activity completely.

I was born in 1988 in Hungary and in 2011 I became a professional massage therapist. In the last years I was running a massage center in Spain and at the beginning of 2016 I got my qualification at Swiss Colour Academy as a Professional Make-Up Artist.


I would like to kindly introduce and warmly welcome to our fantastic team Juan!

I am more than grateful and blessed to have such an amazing and kind person next to me who is constantly sharing his passion and kindness for his profession with us. His dedication and iconic hard work enhanced with his outstanding personality was the true missing piece of this team, I wish him a great journey on his path to success and I am highly recommending him to both our female and male guests. His strong hands suit very well deep tissue treatments but don’t hesitate to book any of his options as he is delivering with one of a kind professionalism all of his services.